First chick made second hatching egg bleed


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Jun 30, 2020
HELP! This is my very first time hatching eggs. The first chick hatched and then proceeded to stomp around and then went to the second egg that was starting to hatch and started pecking at the opening. That chick had already made its way around the egg making the zipper. The chick that was out poked right through the membrane and I saw a little bit of blood and the. that chick made the egg completely turn over. That was about an hour and a half or two hours ago and I have not seen any movement from the egg since. I removed Godzilla chick and I rolled the other egg back over so that the Pipping is at the top. Is there anything else I should do? Or should I just wait?
Also, is this water bowl ok? Or should I do something else?


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Sep 16, 2019
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I wouldn't be too worried if it's been less than 24 hrs since it pipped.

I personally don't give the chicks any food or water the first 24 hrs since all they do is sleep. But yes, that seems good since there are plenty of rocks to keep them from drowning.

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