First chicken show today!!!


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Mar 22, 2008
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Howdy folks,
Ain't sure if this is the right category or not, but figured it would work ok.

I was kinda disapointed. I was expecting more birds for sale. Plus odds and ends like incubators and what have ya. But no. At least I did not see it.

Anyway, it was an all cochin show. Now I don't really like cochins that much. But after seeing some of the ones I seen today I aim to get me a couple of these birds. My wife, who really does not like chickens very much liked the frizzin cochins. My two sons liked all of them. I did not realize these birds get that big. Oh well. Glad I went. I plan on attending some more of these. Anyway, goodnight.
Hmm...this is interesting. I would love to see people's reply. I know @ dog shows there are vendors that have like leashes & toys & treats, I too, would think there would be bird feed, and cages, and *maybe* incubators.
Were there not ANY birds for sale....or just not as many as you expected? Dog shows don't have dogs for sale traditionally unless it's a national specialty, then there might be, but it'd be few & far between.
Sorry to hear they had now vendors
it all depends on the show people. by some charge and maybe they didn't publicize that vendors could come:/ Any who how they usually do and as well have birds for sale either in side at the show or out on peoples tail gates but they may not permit sale birds depending on the group. Glad you liked the cochins, that's i raise the bantams

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