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Jul 27, 2020
Bay Area, California
My Coop
My Coop
In my household of boys (three sons, husband, dog, beta fish are all DUDES) I have come to need some female energy in my life! Especially when I'm stuck with these guys ALL DAY LONG during this pandemic! So, backyard hens it is. (I do have a silkie chick which is straight run, and I already am thinking its a roo.)

I am a stay at home mom (aren't we all now?) and graphic designer and Capoeira (martial arts) Instructor and forever student. We live in the Bay Area, California where land is rare/expensive/tiny. But it is rich in diversity and the weather is great? So there's that.

I've been so excited to have these girls here, always wanted chickens and now that my boys are home all the time its time to add some more entertainment (and outdoor chores!) and learn something new . I've been up late so many nights reading all I can and trying to figure out my coop situation and what's best for less odor and ease of cleanup, as we live in the suburbs where we don't have a back fence neighbor but we do have side neighbors.

My neighbor three houses down has had a rooster for a few years, and I loved hearing it crow. I went over there the other day to talk chickens (I thought she had maybe 3 in her back yard) and she gave me a tour and she has 25+ birds back there!!! I had no idea. We live in a suburb where there isn't a lot of land and our homes are on 5000 sq ft lots. I was really impressed at how little noise and mess there was.

Anyway, I'm very excited to start this journey! We have a buff orp, lavender orp, dominique, black australorp, and a tiny splash silkie. They are all less than two weeks old.

I would like to share and point out that I already have been BURNED by the company "URBAN NORTHERN COOPS" or "ChickenCoopsNW" or "MyUrbanFarmers" or whatever name they are currently going as. Would like to warn as many people about them, they posted on my local Craigslist like they were crafting these coops but they are just selling crap ones from China, like you can get on Amazon... I've seen all the terrible reviews and complaints about them but it was already too late. I placed an order and within the hour realized my mistake (saw the BBB reviews and warnings here) and contacted them to cancel my order. They charged me a 25% fee of the $700 coop in order to cancel, even if they had not even printed a shipping label and had to look up my order because it was still processing. Basically stealing like $200. Then they proceeded to be SO RUDE and make accusations that I "made up" stories about why I had to cancel?! They were just awful and full of fake and insulting apologies. I hope no one ever has to go through that.

Eventually decided on getting an Omlet Cube, and wow what a complete opposite of customer service experience. They have been nothing but EGGceptional and wonderful and going above and beyond. Have not received the coop yet but I already trust them so much based on the pride they have in their own products and company culture.

Looking forward to this journey!


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