First chicks since, I was a kid on the farm...

And so can any number of 25-week-old CHICKENS.

Yes, I got them in groups of fives. 5 Black Australorps, 5 Partridge Rocks, 5 Buff Orpingtons, 5 Silver Laced Wyandotte, 5 White Orpingtons.
Well if were adding all animals then 2 German Shepherds, 1 Paint Mare, 1 Mutt Mare, and soon to be 2 gelding ponies.
I have 22 chickies in the brooder in the living room right now so I know how much noise they can make add to that 4 barking dogs, 10 rats and 1 hampster in DDs room 24 chickens outside 2 ducks 1 boa constrictor pond fish and a turtle. Someone give me a goat and I'll have a petting zoo
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EWE, Rats. I'm sorry but why do people keep rats. I'm keeping my chicks in the basement now. My mutt mare is a cross of Piebald/Warmblood/Arabian/Thoroughbred, I know crazy but I didn't do it, I just saved her from being dog food, Cass short for Cassie is her name. Cass is energetic, sweet, energetic, lol.

My paint mare is mostly all black and is technically a broodmare as she has a fifty cent sized white dot on her belly, which classifies her as a Paint, lol and the bloodlines for it. She also has a white strip on her face and Midnight is her name. She is cool, calm and collected.

The two gelding ponies are Connemara/Icelandic. All black Thor 14 years old and Odin 13 a all grey.
Believe it or not at first I was freaked out by her getting 2 rats. But they are really sweet and smart. Then she got 2 more I said ok thats enough then she sneaked in 3 naked rats. They are just strange looking. Now she has 3 she is keeping for a friend that broke her arm and cant care for them. Really they are not like sewer rats.
Very cute rats! I wanted one when I was a kid, but my mom always said no. Probably not a good idea anyway, with several good mousing cats living in the house.

I had 200 chicks in my barn last week, waiting for their buyers to pick them up, and I could hear them chirping all the way in the dining room, probably 200 feet away. We had 25 in the bathroom in the spring, and they liked to sing a cheerful "good morning" song at 4 am when the light started to come through the window...I had to start covering the brooder with a blanket like I used to do bird cages, so we could sleep! They sure can be noisy.
Sorry but maybe it the growing up part of my life on a farm and my mother hating rodents in general. I've just always seen them as crop destroyers and that naked tail makes me get chills. But to each his or her own, my dogs will get them if they come on this property.

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