In the Brooder
Jun 14, 2017
coop3.jpg coop4.jpg coop5.jpg coop6.jpg coop7.jpg coop8.jpg coop9.jpg

Hit me up with questions or comments. I am eager to get any feedback. I designed this myself using some graph paper and took some ideas from the Internet.

Backstory: Finally made the leap and got some chicks right at the end of April and had about 4 weeks to put this together before leaving on a trip out of state. The chicks were tearing up the basement and pooping to their little hearts content so I knew I had to get them out of there before we left. Mission accomplished!

We have 2 Plymouth Rocks, 1 Rhode Island Red and 2 browns. A third Plymouth Rock didn't make it out of the basement (alive). I hereby deem this coop Cluckingham Palace!
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