First coop idea from newcomer in boston suburb town (pic)

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    This is the basic idea. I'm still not sure if I'm going to get chickens this year, I may wait until next year once I've got the college thing down, but if I do get chickens, it'll be two or three hens, and I haven't decided between BOs, RIR or NHR. I'm in eastern Mass, so i don't want a chicken with a large comb so I don't have to worry too much to worry about frostbite. I have three lawns my mum is always nagging to weed and mow in the summer, so I figure chickens would be a good addition, and I eat a lot of boiled eggs since I make my own lunches (bento lunches specifically) for my long days on campus. The space that I have is relativly limited, and we have urban coyotes and raccoons in the area, but both are mostly nocternal with coyotes only showing up in the evening at the earliest, maybe once a year they're sighted at noon. I would put them out to graze every day, so I was pondering making the basic idea wider and having no run, but if I keep it like this, I'd be able to make a run about twice the size of this in a corner of the back yard, and then have the tractor run for the day.

    If I have a tractor run for them, do I need a run under and near the coop? I wasn't planning on waking up at six to bring them out, so I thought maybe they should have a little run for when they wake up untill I put them on the lawn, but I'm not sure.

    I'm sorry for the vagueness, but I'm a beginner and though I was lurking around the old posts for about a week, I decided to get some responses on my first potential ideas.
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    Your link doesn't work, even if you copy and paste.
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    Nest time, copy their "IMG CODE" shown in the lower right.


    If you've got coons in the area you'll need to make sure the top of the run is covered so they don't come in and chow down.

    Not sure that I understand how large this will be either. But I'm sure you know the base of 4sf per bird.

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