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    I just recently got my birds and have been worried about any predators, mostly red tailed hawks, so I covered my run to protect against them. Well this morning as I was leaving for work, I noticed one small skinny German Shepherd looking animal running in a field across the street from my house. I am about 85% sure it was a coyote. I knew we had them in the area but, I guess I never wanted to believe it. Well at least one is here and probably knows that I have birds in the yard.

    My wife is home all day homeschooling 4 of our kids and is worried about even letting them out to play now. Since the birds are still pretty young, they are still in the coop but we have let them out in the run when we are watching or close by. I told my wife that I guess I will now have to prepare for the coyotes when/if they come looking for dinner.

    I have heard and read about ways to keep them at bay like leaving a radio on or motion detecting lights. Do they really work?

    We also have a free roaming 12 year old Maine Coon Cat, two indoor less than 1yr old cats and an indoor chocolate lab that keeps an eye and ear on things in the house and yard. Will the coyotes attack the dog if she goes to chase them or should I not use her to get rid of them?

    Any advice from those experienced with coyotes would be greatly appreciated.
  2. A high powered rifle with a nice scope goes a long way in coyote control. They are not protected ant they are a menace.

    I use a 6 mm bolt action. Anything above a .270 is a waste of money.

    I think Rooster- Red uses a 44 magnum hand gun. But, that is the Rooster. [​IMG]
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    Yes, the coyotes will get your dog or cat. They will actually try and lure them out to them with their calls. We do leave a radio playing 24/7 outside and haven't had any problems with them coming into our yard after our animals. With that being said, if I had the chance I wouldn't hesitate to shoot them if they got close enough.
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    A coyote will entice a dog to chase him toward the coyote pack, then the pack gets the dog.

    We hear coyotes howl at night but have never seen one close by. I believe they simply find easier prey in the woods and swamps, though.

    I have never read on BYC of a coyote attacking a child, although I can't believe it has never happened. Perhaps the lab would provide some insurance here.

    Hope you will get some more informative replies.
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    I have never had problems with coyotes but have with a cougar...still cant find him at the right time to shoot him!
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    coyotes WONT take on a dog larger than themselves.. they wont chance getting themselves hurt, their are no vets inthe wild,, so they will avoid large dogs... so your LAB should be safe..
    they whole LURING the domestic dog out, has its truths.. but only if the dog is small/weak.. they just cant chance getting hurt by a large dog....

    but your cat.. sorry, it is on the menu...
    put hotwire on the top and bottom of the chicken coop to keep out all types of predators...

    we have lots of lights around the yard,, if they are on all the time, the predators will get used to them.. (lights and radios) should be turned on and off moved around the yard,, etc.. so it is never the SAME for more than a week at a time..
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    coyotes attacking a child HAS happened here in calif.. but the coyote was hungry and the child very small (in diapers).. the coyote waited untill the adult human was out of sight and the child turned its back.. the coyote grabbed the diaper, when the child screamed the coyote let go and ran away....

    heres a thought.. put a fence up... not only will it keep coyotes out, it keeps kids from wandering out into the coyotes home too...
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    Nov 12, 2008
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    my little .22 rifle is all i needed for coyotes...... well placed bullet drops them where they stand
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    Coys here are not afraid of my big dogs....they have come right in my yard while my dogs on our deck and barking like crazy at them... maybe they know my dogs are wimps or something.. [​IMG]
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    Nov 12, 2008
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    hahahaha.. yes probably...
    but, i bet if your dogs charged them they would tuck tail and run!!!

    i have had (seen it with my own eyes) at night,, my malmute was tied up on a rope, his dry dogfood had spilled on my porch, his rope could only go to the edge of my door.. he was barking frantically and streching as far as he could go... a coyote was ON my porch 2 feet from my door,, eating the spilled dogfood as fast as he could... the coyote stayed about 2 feet away from the dogs snapping teeth, scarfing up the food but keeping an eye on the dog and an eye on the door...
    that dang coyote KNEW how long the malmutes rope was!!!!! smart little sucker..
    coyotes can be VERY BOLD.. because they are hungry.. if the "wild" kept them well fed we probably would never see them..

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