First day out of coop! PICS!!

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    It was a beautiful day yesterday and the chicks are now almost 8 and 6 weeks old now. We have been working on the run, but with on and off rain it is still not quite done yet. I decided to rig up the run for the chicks yesterday so they could enjoy the sunshine. I even put a lawn chair out in it so I could keep and eye on them. Here are the pics, they were all very shy at first but Olga our Norwegian Jearhon was the first out of the coop! Now our rooster Krull on the other hand was to shy to come out, just stayed right at the door peeking out.

    Everyone peeking out

    Olga first one out

    From left to right Olga, Chickie, Tetra, and Willow

    Another group shot (notice Krull hiding in the doorway)
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    Aug 15, 2010
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    Sep 10, 2010
    Thanks for sharing...I have chicks envy for time will come sooner than later....I hope! lol
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