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Discussion in 'Guinea Fowl' started by ChickChicHurray, May 23, 2012.

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    Yesterday on of my keeps was walking low and cuddling up to the others while they were eating or drinking, just following the crowd to be near the other but was not eating with them, Told DH that one was not feeling fell and asked if he would bring home some yogurt for it today (60 miles to store, so he stops after work on his way home). Well the little guy did not make it. All the others are acting fine, running around crazy. Hope it stays that way, I will be watching close for next few days. This is my first death, I was kinda expecting it, but it is still hard.
  2. [​IMG] I'm sorry. I lost a little pheasant today that only lived four days. It's hard to see these little sweeties get weak and pass away.
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    [​IMG]It's never easy to loose them and when you don't know why it keeps you worring about the rest for a long while.
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    Sorry for your loss TarheelBirdy, Everyone else here is doing fine today.
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    Sorry for your loss....I'm kind of preparing for the same outcome here. Got my order of keets yesterday. My daughter realized that one of them appears to be blind. We been trying to get it to drink and eat on its own, but it just seems to cuddle up to the other babies.
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    It is so hard to lose one of those cuties. It's even harder to loose one of the older ones or two as was my case back in March.

    Tarheelbirdy, is it hard to raise pheasants. And how many do you usually have? Can you free range them?
  7. We have a trio, and from those we raise babies and usually sell them. They aren't difficult to raise.....IF you have the proper habitat for them. Which means a large enough pen with things set up the way pheasants like them.

    They do tend to be difficult to incubate - not good hatch rates - at least for me (and have heard this from others as well). With that being said, I have a friend who gets good hatch rates from my eggs. [​IMG] Not sure exactly what I do differently, because I get really good hatch rates with chicks and keets.

    With pheasants, "free range" = "gone forever" They'd be gone in a hot second.

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