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Jan 28, 2008
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I'd like to get some ducks and possibly a few geese later this spring or summer, I don't know what breeds to choose. I am planning on putting the birds on a cover crop of rye grass, buckwheat, clover, or something else (I haven't decided yet) so they can forage . They may also be called to weed and patrol for insects in the corn, melons and beans.

I would like to get some eggs from the ducks, but my main purpose is ornamental. Cayugas, Runners and Khaki Campbells are the front runners, but what breeds are a good choice for pasturing, eggs, and good looks.

As far as geese are concerned, I really want the Africans, Chinese, or the Buffs.

Let me know your thoughts.
I have a mixed breed Khaki Campbell x Cayuga duck named Beaker. She lays about an egg a day (since January). She started laying at around 5 months old. Twice she has laid 3 eggs in less than 24 hours.

Beaker is an incredibly sweet duck. She loves to cuddle.

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