First egg and funny noises, like wheezing??

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    Sep 15, 2011
    Hi all,

    We got our first egg yesterday, which was super exciting. Then today, I went to see the gals and my leghorn was making sounds as if she was wheezing. Now I watched YouTube videos of egg songs. And my NH Red is definitely singing an egg song. But the egg that was laid was white. A perfect looking white egg. I have a NH Red, a Delaware and a leghorn old enough to lay. If it was a white egg, it had to be the leghorn, right? Today I thought she was wheezing, so I separated her. Could she have just been making a funny egg song? She is unhappily resting in my garage (would much rather be with her friends in the coop). And now she is NOT wheezing at all. I just spent ten minutes with her in the garage and she sounds fine. Am I nuts?
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    Not nuts, but a concerned caring person....It was the leghorns egg and I think she would be good to go back with her friends!

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