First egg at 13 weeks... Is this a fluke...

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by RoosterRidge, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. RoosterRidge

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    Jun 14, 2011
    Dry Fork, Va.
    My husband found our first egg today.
    Our 13 week old red sex link started making weird noises a few weeks ago.
    Her top notch went from flesh color to really bright red like the roo.
    Is this normal at such an early age or is it a fluke.
    The egg was actually good sized and the shell seems hard also.
  2. TrystInn

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    Sep 16, 2009
    Southern Arizona
    Its not unusual for the hen's combs to flush when they become mature. 13 weeks is early, but not terribly so.
  3. SIMPleChick

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    Mar 10, 2011
    I'd say you've got yourself an early matured little lady! Any pics of this awesome little layer?? [​IMG] My Red sex-link was the first to squat so I am hoping any day now, but she is 17 weeks!

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