First egg by our Australorp


Nov 9, 2020
Southern Indiana
The other day our grandson found the very first egg of our very first chickens, in our brand new coop. He was so happy...
It was a long wait of about 18 weeks since we got the chicks about few days old.
In the next two days we got two more eggs. They are quite small. Hope they get bigger. We have 9 pullets, 4 australorp, 2 RIR, 2 orpington and one barred rock. We spotted today one of our Australorp was sitting in the same nest where we found the first 3 eggs, so I assume she is the one that laid them.

Would our other breeds start laying very soon?


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I'm not sure which one of our pullets is laying but all her eggs are that size as well. I hear that is normal and they get bigger.
They will lay pretty large eggs, give them some time. I would expect a few more to start laying soon as well, although it may take them a while. Congrats! I recommend blowing out the egg and preserving the shell.

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