First egg coming! Advice needed!

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    Hi! My sweet little bantam cochin, Bella, is 5 months old and laying her first egg. We do have a rooster.

    I've read/heard some different things about what I should do. Should I take it from her? Someone at my local feed store advised that these girls can be grumpy if their first eggs are taken and said she might not lay me another. If I do let her sit on it, how do I ensure she gets enough to drink/eat? And if the egg is fertilized, do I do anything differently? Or will a chick simply emerge in a while and she'll mother it? I'm new to this ...

    Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Collect eggs daily. Newly laying pullets will not typically go broody. Leaving the eggs will not cause her to start brooding. Likewise, having a rooster around will not induce broodiness. Removing the eggs, once laid, will not make her grumpy or make her stop laying. Do not stick you hand under her while she is trying to lay, though. That will make her grumpy.
    The eggs will not spontaneously start to develop. They must be incubated, either by a broody hen or in an incubator.
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