first egg!!! cracked open 😭


Apr 20, 2021
New chick mom here.. my girls (& Tony my cockerel) are almost 17 weeks. Went out to the coop this morning and I got my first egg!!!! I was greatly disappointed... It was already cracked open! 😪 The shell itself seemed fine and sturdy and the contents inside looked normal. I have them on starter and grower feed plus have the oyster shell available if desired (looks like some of them peck at it). I just bought another big bag of starter and grower (I was feeling like I'd have free loaders forever) but now I guess my next bag will be all flock feed (I read not to use layer feed with a roo bc of hurting their kidneys). Should I switch sooner? A larger bag lasts me about a week and half. My chickens have a big run area but I also let them free range in my fenced in backyard about an hour or two in morning and when I get out of work. They also get spoiled with veggies and some fruit, plus some fish leftovers (my boyfriend is a big fisherman). Last night at midnight I heard Tony crow a few times (odd) .. I went out to coop with flashlight just to make sure everything was okay and didnt notice anything unusual. Was Tony alerting me that one of his girls layed?!? Or did one of them maybe intentionally hurt the egg?!? Am I doing something wrong? Or am I just crazy and need to relax?! Thanks everyone .. you are all so helpful through this whole chicken experience!!


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No worries, this happens sometimes. Likely they were surprised to see it, too, and were investigating this curious new item in their nest box when OOPS! one tap too hard and they broke it. Then there was more curious gooey stuff to investigate. A disappointing beginning, but never fear, there will be plenty more eggs to celebrate in the future! As far as Tony's crow, I find that roos crow any time, day or night, just because they feel like it. Especially around that age. Overall, it sounds like you are doing wonderfully with your flock--keep up the great work!
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