First egg from my 57 WEEK marans!!

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    Oct 11, 2011
    It always work, as soon as you give up on them, they lay ;)

    She sat on the nest box all morning, and I was finally rewarded with this (quite large for a first egg) beauty.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    So very happy! It was a very long 57-week wait! She's has some health problems, so perhaps that was what stalled her. Though I've heard wheaten marans are often slower to mature as well, is that true?

    Some pictures of the new layer "Nutella", singing her loud egg song ;)



    Thanks for finally earning your keep, 'Tella! It's not a very dark egg, but I'd be happy if she layed white :D And she is hatchery stock ;) I love it's speckles.

    Now the wait is on my 38 week old Salmon Faverolle =)
  2. Awesome! I would have given up on her,too. Nutella--what a great name!
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    Wow! I just posted about our late layer who, until you posted about Nutella, was the only chicken I'd ever heard of taking over a year to start!

    I have two marans, a blue and a black, who both started laying within a week of each other right around 6 months. Their eggs are not what I expected, but that really doesn't matter to me either. The blue lays a brown egg, and the black lays eggs that look like milk chocolate from far away, but if you get close it is not a solid coat of pigment, but just teeny, tiny spots. They did not start out so dramatic when she was a beginner. They are quite striking though.

    Congratulations to you and Nutella!
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    I have a black and a copper marans and they started to lay at 30 weeks. I started them on Nutrena starter and they were off to a good start. They layed two weeks before my orphingtons started. I don't know why yours took so long. I will say they are my best two layers in the coop. I think you'll be pleased with them since they are finally a-going.
  5. StarLover21

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    Oct 11, 2011
    Yup, I'm hoping now that she's gotten started, she'll be a pretty good layer.

    I think several things delayed her. First of all, coming into lay in the winter probably slowed her down, also, when we got her, she was 16 weeks old and in pretty bad condition- skinny with a pretty bad case of mites. She's a very healthy girl now, though ;)

    I seem to just be cursed with late starters- my Leghorn started at over 40 weeks as well :/
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