First egg from the middle girls!!

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    My australorps have been laying since february, but I have been waiting on pins and needles for my middle girls to lay. ( The middle girls should be the little girls, but I broke down and got two more a couple weeks after I brought them home... darned chicken math) The middle girls are a gold laced wyandotte, a light brahma, and what was sold as an EE, but I'm pretty sure is a silver laced wyandotte-barnyard mix. I'm guessing its one of the Wy's, assuming that the Brahma will take longer as she is a larger breed. Of the four eggs I got today, none of them is small, but I am guessing that the darker brown one is the new girl!
    Hooray [​IMG]
    ETA: one of the eggs look smaller, but I usually have one smaller since Shaniqua weighs about 4 lbs, versus the big australorps 8...
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    Congrats! [​IMG]

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