First egg laid by the front door!


9 Years
May 3, 2010
Northern Virginia
My flock is 21 weeks old and about half of them are looking ready to lay but no egg squat, no egg song, nothing. The chickens free range in the front yard when we get home from work. Last night I put them away for the night still looking for anyone squatting or showing signs that they were going to begin to lay.

This morning when I walked out the front door my foot hit something, and I looked down, and it was a pullet egg.

My first one!

Then when my DH walked to his car he found an egg under a bush near his car.

Egg #2!!!!

They are now locked inside so they get the hint where they need to lay. Today nothing. Just some screaming chickens.

How long can they 'hold' an egg? I'm wondering if they are going to lay today if they are hoping to get outside and lay there? Dumb question but these are my first pullets.
My hens, one of whom is 4 years old, still lay in odd places. They do however, find quiet little corners and areas of undergrowth to do this.

With pullets, they often do not even know they are going to lay (probably think they are just constipated and strain to get rid of it anywhere:lol:) Provide them with nesting boxes and fake eggs/golf balls etc. and they will son get the idea as to a good place to lay.

Pullets often lay erratically for weeks until they have settled into a regular laying pattern, so I wouldn't be keeping them in as yet,


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