First egg questions


10 Years
Mar 28, 2011
Hi! While I was mucking out the run today, I found a rubbery egg-shell on the ground, well away from the coop. I don't know if was laid there or if someone took it out of the coop. So here are my questions...

Do chickens ever lay their first egg in weird places? Like where they stand?

Is a soft shell common for a first egg?

If it was eaten (it sure looks like someone ate it...), do I need to worry that I've got an egg-eater on my hands now?

Thanks in advance!

Just as an aside... I only have one known egg-layer right now. My other four haven't started yet, though two of them are showing signs of being ready soon.


10 Years
Nov 2, 2009
North Texas
all perfectly I have been told...I have yet to get any of these wierd eggs people talk about, but yes, all you have asked is perfectly normal, and no, you do not necissarily have to worry about egg eatting. I have heard lots of people say that their hens also consume rubber eggs like candy, and they do not see a problem with egg eatting in their flocks.

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