First egg, small, white and perfect!!!

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  1. Boy is that a nice surprise. My girls are all 19 wks this past monday but did not really realize it would come this soon. And it is a white egg. Only white egg layers I have are (4)brown and (4)white leghorns. I also have 4 barred rock girls, 2 RIR's(probably production reds actually), a buff orpington, 3 black australorps. Sure thought I would get a brown egg first. Picture is of the pullet egg next to a store bought egg. I also did not expect it to have such a nicely formed shell, I read about soft eggs or ones with no shell, but this has a nice hard shell. I am one proud mommy. All the girls got some apples from the tree this morning as a thank you for the little gift. Now I can look forward to my first brown egg and my EE's have a few months before they lay but that will be exciting too. I LOVE CHICKENS!!!!

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    When is it going to happen for me??
    Congrats anywho!

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