First Egg Stories?


Nov 19, 2016
Huntington, Indiana
Hey guys, I was thinking back to the time I got my very first egg and how overjoyed I was! I would like to here everybody's stories!

It all started on a beautiful mid-morning stroll past the coop when I saw my Leghorn (ungracefully) fly up to the nesting boxes and duck herself in to the warm dark cozy nesting boxes. I about peed myself then out of excitement.
I checked on her about every 2 1/2 minutes making sure she was "okay" while checking under her. about a half hour later i heard a horrible screech repeatedly which now is now know as the "egg song." I flew to the coop faster than I have ever ran in my life... lying there in the pile of dry straw was a beautiful, puny, heavenly egg. I screamed. I don't know why i did it, but i did. I was so excited I had to let my enthusiasm out some how. I did multiple jigs on the way in to the house, and finally entered in to the house, yelling "MOOOOMMMM!"

I had lots of photoshoots with that teensy egg, sending them to all of my relatives, which now i realized was kind of strange, but hey, who isn't excite about your first egg?!


Jun 2, 2017
It was a nice, warm summer afternoon in the rural parts of Southern Illinois. My mom was talking to our "chicken sitter" since we were about to all go on a trip. (My mom was going to Florida, me and my sister were going to visit our Dad's house.) Me and my sister were petting our Black Laced Gold Wyandotte, Mac-n-Cheese.

My mom, the sitter, my sister and I all went to the walk-in coop door. She opened the door and began to point around. Pointing at where the chickens roost, where the sitter will need to pour in more bedding, and then where the chickens will lay there eggs. After she pointed at the nesting boxes, she screamed. She ran over to the boxes and picked up this beautiful, poopy, brown egg.

My legs were shaking, my sister had a shakiness to her voice. My mom took so many pictures, I did too. To this day we still don't know who layed the egg, though.

Guess what? It wasn't a "fart" egg, either. It had a medium-sized, dark orange yolk.

Sunny-Side Up

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May 1, 2017
I woke up one morning in September, got ready, then went out to my chickens like usual. But it felt different, and I got excited. I checked the nesting box like I had been for the past few weeks, and there was a beautiful brown egg. I'm not even very sure what I did at first. I think I sort of blacked out from being so excited. I just remember that I almost dropped it because if my excitement. I ran in, told everyone, and are it for breakfast. But, when I got to school I realized that I forgot my homework... Oh well, it was worth it!


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May 19, 2017
Eastern Houston
A lady I worked with started keeping chickens and was concerned her husband didn't want to eat "yard eggs". He only liked the store bought kind. I thought this was strange since I prefer yard eggs for the taste and she agreed.

Any way, I told her, "Straight from a birds butt to his mouth, what is the difference?"

Never did find out if he started eating the yard eggs after that. But I'm still waiting for our first egg. The excitement builds...
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