First Egg Today!

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  1. Our sex-link girls were 16 weeks today. This morning DH sat down in the run to discuss what I wanted for the nesting boxes. Dolly Parton, one of the golden sex-links jumps in his lap and starts to 'talk' to him...almost like she was telling him what SHE wanted! We laughed and he got started.

    Well, Dolly was right there while he built the shelves for the boxes...the other 5 sex-links joined in when he started painting the shelves...every one of them has white paint on their heads. [​IMG] None of the other 16 girls took notice of the project, but Dolly was there supervising the whole thing. When he put the Rubbermaid container/nesting boxes in place she hopped right in and checked them out. She had been very loud all morning with what I think was her Egg Song. She repeated it over and over. When she was in the box the other sex-links were outside watching her.

    We went inside about 1:30 for lunch...when we came out Dolly was very quiet...thought that odd after her constantly Bawking all morning.

    I had set up a larger Rubbermaid container with a frozen milk jug and we decided it would serve as a good nesting box for the Buff Orpingtons. I picked it up so my husband could cut a hole in the lid and there was our first egg behind it. Dolly must not have thought much of DH's project. [​IMG] She was quiet as a lil church mouse the rest of the day. I was so disappointed we missed the Egg Song after she finished laying that first egg! Looking forward to hearing it tomorrow! [​IMG]
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    GRatz, im happy for you.

    Im still waiting for mine to lay [​IMG]
  3. Dolly is trying to repeat yesterday's performance but so far she can not get situated. Doing the Egg Song and pacing again with lots of support from her gang. We are very hot today so that might have something to do with it...our heat index was forecast to be nearly 108. I watered down the sand in the run just now before I came in to see if that would help to cool it off.

    Will check later when I bring in all the ice bottles to refreeze for tomorrow...hopefully there will be an egg by then...was really hoping to hear her celebration song. [​IMG]
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    congrats on your first egg!!! [​IMG]
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    Lucky!! My BSL are 18wks and not a thing. [​IMG]
  6. Another egg today...don't think Dolly laid this one..she was not doing the Egg Song this morning. I was watering and weeding all morning; took some things into the run to give the girls when I spotted a small egg lying on the sand in front of the nesting boxes. Several of the sex links were checking out the nesting boxes this morning while I was cleaning the poo boards and they were doing a very low key version of the Egg Song. When I found the egg, I sat down and watched for a little bit before I came in for lunch. There were two sex links really looking for a place to lay...they were in and out of the nesting boxes, looking behind the feed storage box and behind the box that has the ice jug in it. Hopefully, I will go out later and find more!! [​IMG]
  7. Found an egg on the sand in the run this morning when I went out...not sure if Dolly laid it yesterday evening or if someone else laid it.

    This morning I was watering/weeding and giving the hens the weeds. On one trip into the run I noticed Dolly was in a nesting box kicking out pine shavings. When I went to the run a lil later there was an egg in that box. That girl is not doing the celebration song!

    Four eggs thus far since she started on the 14th...these are smallest but perfect.

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