FIrst Egg


8 Years
Dec 23, 2011
Got my first egg yesterday at 18 weeks on the nose. I new they would be smaller but was surprised at just how small it was, like bantam size. Have no idea who layed it but I am sure that it was one of my red sexlinks.
No. My chickens are at another location other than my house so I never have a camera when I need one. I have 11 getting ready to lay so now it will many today?
Congratulations on first eggs!

sweetbeak welcome to the BYC forum....

On this page...there is a chart of eggs weights--etc.

Usually by 7-8 weeks they will be laying their normal size. Your chook laid a larger egg than my youngest started with...she laid "peewee" size in mid February, and now has been laying "Large!!!" She is also the one that my 6 new chicks hatched from! Soooo you are on your way!
This is what my girls are now producing, I've gone from 1 chicken to 10 and I love them all, especially the difference in color of the eggs
Congrats on the eggs! They will gradually get bigger over time. Sometimes the change is so gradual that you don't even notice it. Then you may get another jump in egg size after they go through their first adult molt.

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