first eggs of this year

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    Mar 10, 2010
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    Our 8 Buckeye hens, almost 3 yrs old, have finally laid 2 eggs. They had a heavy molt last Oct., and have not laid an egg since,,, until this morning, found 2. The eggs were not in the nest boxes, just in a corner of the coop. We have not provided any additional light this winter, so maybe the longer days have finally had an effect. There has also been an increase in food consumption, the feed bin went down more than usual. They have been healthy and happy, except for the evil white stuff in the run. During our brief Jan thaw, I was able to find some weeds in the garden for them, other than that they have had to depend on leftovers.
    We have them in an 8'X8' coop and a 24' X24' run. We would like to add some Brahmas this spring. What do you all think would be enough-too many?
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    By the 4sq in the coop and 10 sq in the run rule, you have room for more. With the Buckeyes getting on getting more for eggs is a good idea.

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