First Eggs!!


9 Years
Dec 3, 2010
Floyd Va
So I got impatient waiting for my chickies to arrive (22 more days before they get here (25 light brahma hens)) and purchased some older hens that a man in town was going to butcher bc he had new chicks coming, also got them to give my 2 roo's something to do besides crow all day, and to give us some eggs (the man said they're still laying).
Long story short I ended up with 3 columbian wynodettes, 2 dominiques, and 2 speckled sussex. Sadly one of the 3 columbians was mean to all the others, ate her first egg and several other things, she was just not cooperative at all and ended up in the soup pot. My roo's are pure buff brahma's, and seem to love the ladies attention. I said all that to say this, yesterday we had our first egg a nice brown egg, today another egg, but it was a very light brown almost dingy white, any idea which one of the above ladies could have left me this wonderful 2nd egg? All 6 remaining hens use one box, though several are provided, they seem to enjoy all being together, so it is hard for me (first time with chickens since childhood) to determine which chicken the egg belonged to. I know the other dark brown egg (our first egg) was from one of the columbians (we watched her have it). So I'm guessing this 2nd egg came from one of the sussex or the dominiques, but not sure and thought I'd ask my fellow chicken pro's about this.

I am soooo excited about finally having eggs as we have had these hens for almost a week and they've just started laying. These are our first eggs from our adopted hens and we feel like very proud parents.
Thanks for the help to whomever may comment on this and help us out. Happy laying everyone!!
Hooray!!!! Congratulations !!!! I just got my first eggs this week too...very exciting. I hardboiled them, and put them in a little basket on my desk at work for show and tell!!

Sorry I don't know anything about your chickens.

N. Virginia
The only thing I know to do (and I have done this) is put a chair outside the coop (or in the coop if it is big enough) and watch and see who goes in. If they all lay at the sime time then, I guess you are just going to have to live with the mystery!
I've tried to keep an eye on them, and one of the dominiques was in the box when we got the egg which makes me think it was her, but through out the day they are all in and out of the box at various times. Perhaps I should've left the egg in the box to encourage the others to lay there also? Or was it wise to take it so the others wouldn't break it?

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