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  1. dogbitesandbeestings

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    Jan 30, 2007
    Next Tuesday will be day 21 for the 5 Silkie eggs that Izzie, my black Silkie has been sitting on. I have candled them and they all look fine.

    Because it has been so cold here in MA, I have her in a crate in my bathroom (along with Murray, the rabbit...but that's another story). There is plenty of room in there for she and the chicks, but do I leave them all together, or would you remove the chicks after they hatch?

    I have just started some eggs in the I'm inthe middle of my first hatches...using all different methods.

    Suggestions are encouraged!

  2. BeckyLa

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    Jan 11, 2007
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    Congratulations on your hatches! In my laundry room I have 2 box brooders. The first one has 3 week old banty chicks and the other has a hen and her week old babies. So you really can do it either way. The problem with the hen is that she is very protective and attacks every time I stick my hand in to feed or water or whatever. On the other hand, the power went out for several hours one day and while dh was searching for a heat source for the older chicks the hen kept hers warm just fine.

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    I would leave the hen in with them. Put a glove on your hand to reach in. It also helps if you keep reaching in. Try not to jump from her if she tries to peck at you. If you keep doing this, she will learn that you are not going to hurt her. They could aslo use more space and that way when you reach in she can go to the other side of her area. I would try to move them outside soon. When there is a break in the weather. Here is it is 46 right now. If they get cold, she will snuggle them under her..

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