first flock, 3 breeds okay?


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Am I asking for big trouble to mix bantam New Hampshires, Wyandott & Delaware's? This will be my first flock, and I have weeded down to these last three based on dual purpose, heat tolerant breeds. Thanks in advance for your opinions!
We have a mixed flock (with many different breeds and sizes) and so long as you raise them up as babies together and offer the same amount of attention to each they should be fine. Just be careful and if you see any of the breeds picking on each other stop it as early as possible, and if you are raising them, remember, they will think you are their mother, so it will be your job to separate them, give them time to cool off and then put them back. If there is any blood the chickens will get cannibalistic so separate the bleeding one, and wipe off the blood and let it scab up before putting it with the rest of the flock. Good luck with the chicken raising!
Hi, welcome to the forum. A lot of people here including myself have mixed breed flocks that work out fine. Sometimes smaller chickens like bantams and gentle breeds can get picked on a little, but usually even if they are further down on the pecking order, they coexist with the others with out problems. It would be interesting to get some more replies from people who have mixed bantams and full sized breeds. I have visited others with flocks that included bantams and large breeds mixed, and they were happily free ranging together.
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I have nine standards and a runty silkie, they were not all raised together, but eventually they worked things out. If they had all been raised together it would have worked perfectly.
You should not have any problem mixing breeds, especially if you get them at the same time. They will grow up, accepting one another and of course form their own pecking order -based more on personality, than breed. (Even a sassy bantam can become the top hen or roo.)

I've mixed a Rhode Island Red, Buff Orpington, Plymouth Barred Rock, Silkie Roosters and Cornish X...and they were all fine.
Clarification: all three would be bantams.... so far, I'm feeling re-assured that if I start them all off together, it should be alright. I never thought about putting a trouble maker in time-out. lol. Keep that info coming, ya'll! Thank you.
Mixed is more fun! I have only bought 2 of the same breed a couple of times. Right now I have 8 hens and 5 different breeds. And my rooster is a different breed than all of the hens! They are one big mixed up happy family.
This is my first flock, also, and I have five different breeds (Barred Rock, Rhode Island Red, New Hampshire Red, Black Sex Link and Gold Sex Link) all raised together. They do just fine! They have their own pecking order and all is right in their little world. I actually have seven of their hatchlings in the grow-out coop and run inside the main run now. You should have no problems with mixing your flock! Good luck!

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