first gg of the season

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    May 4, 2007
    My 5 hens have been laying all year ODDLY ut I just got my first blue egg from my EE this year she had stopped laying. And my two Chrustal Lace and Rosie her baby started to lay again they took a few weeks off of laying


    The blue one is Lady Hawk the lighter ones my husband says are pink I don't know are they?? or a very light brown I don't know what Sam my roster is or Chrystal Lace she was told to be a Cornish but is not I thought when he said she was young maybe she needed to fill out but it is for sure now she is not I don't care I pick her for her coloured feathers not for a thinking of a cornish well maybe a little :)

    The brown Eggs I can't say who laid them but it was 4 of the ISA browns, I am giving them away before I copuldn't have any they just stopped laying for all their years I see the scatch feed was not right and my husband is seeing to feed them the right stuff they lay good.


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