First hatch 2 last night 1 this morn. how long in bator?


9 Years
Apr 24, 2010
The first chick hatched last night about 10:00 on day 20 , second 10:15 third today around 12:00 noon. This is first hatch with my homemade incubator and I have'nt opened door since day 18 . humidity 71%- 72% , all 3 chicks hatched perfect and are doing awesome. I have had no isues with bator so temps have been 99.5-99.8 the entire now 21 days. the proublem is i am a newbie and could'nt tell by candling if the eggs were fertile , and the eggs were black maran's dark eggs. The first to hatch was a black maran. My Qestion how long to give the rest of the eggs to hatch at least 3 more have piped but no action other then egg moving a littel how long are the chicks ok in the bator wile I wait?? thanks.
Hatchlings need a LOT of rest after they pip, and whilst they zip their eggs. Hatching is very tiring business for such tiny little lives crammed in those eggs.

I am by no means an expert, but I wait until day 25 before I give up on the last unhatched eggs. Those chicks that have hatched, I remove after 24 hours, to give more room to the ones left behind. With active, hatched chicks in the 'bator, I think their chirping and moving around helps encourage those chicks still inside their eggs.

But that's just me. Your mileage may differ.
Wait to open the bator at least 12 hours PAST day 21. Did you count the day you put them in as day 1? That can throw off an expected hatch time, many people put eggs in on, say, midnight january 1st, and then dont call it day one until 24 hours have passed. I would leave them a day or so, they can live off the yolk in their tummies for up to 3 days, but not beyond or they get dehydrated and die.

Just give those other eggs another day, and see what happens. If there is no progress by then, I would take them out and put them to my ear to listen for peeping or tiny little pecking sounds from the chick trying to break into the aircell. If you hear or feel any movement, put them back in!

Goods luck!! Let us know how it goes!

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