First Hatch = Fathers' Day?

wildcat chix

12 Years
Mar 27, 2011
Barbourville, Kentucky
First time with homemade incubator. Temp is right around 100* but humidity is a bit low - may have to add another water tray.

23 eggs went in at midnight:

7 Lavender Guinea
2 Assorted Bantams
13 Random Backyard Mixes

If all goes well, the chicks will hatch on Fathers' Day, the keets will hatch the following Sunday...

Wish us luck!!
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Temperature's perfect
Good luck!
Well, chicks #1 and 2 popped out yesterday. #3-7 have been hatching all day with #7 just a few minutes ago. #8 will probably be out before midnight.

Boy, when these things start zipping it doesn't take long at all, does it?

Looks like this incubator is a success. Thanks to CrazyFarmHusband for his directions. I'm using exactly the same fridge he has.

As of right now we have a 33% hatch rate. Not bad for a first timer. If one more hatches, we'll be up to 38%. The humidity is staying right around 60%, but so far no shrink-wrapped chicks.

This is an awesome experience and my wife is already talking about the next hatch.

Oh, by the way, #9 is racing to a photo finish with #8 for who is gonna be out to come!!!
Oh that's wonderful! Would love to see pics. Hatching eggs is an amazing experience, I totally agree! And addictive!
Final numbers = 2 out of 2 bantams, 10 of 12 mixed chicks - one egg that didn't develop, and one that had to be put out of its misery after hatch...

One chicken egg that we're about to give up on, as it is now day 23

7 guinea eggs not due until Sunday

Oh, and one of the bantams, the first hatcher overall, has a scissor beak. No problems with the other 10 at the moment. All eating and drinking well and feathering nicely
Didn't realize the guinea was so small until we saw him with the chicks

Chicks' first look at the brand new keet
He didn't stay in there long...

Here he is on his own. His brothers and sisters should be along shortly to keep him company
Been awhile since I've last seen a newborn keet. It's cute! Hope the rest of the eggs all hatch.

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