First hatch of the season, guess that chick!


Aug 27, 2019
Australia (VIC)
We are in our second week of Spring here in Australia, and this afternoon I was greeted by this beautiful little chick in my incubator, hopefully the first of a few more yet! I've never hatched chickens before (But have hatched a few Japanese Quail in my time) so this is a very happy day indeed!

Take a guess at the breed!


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I usually guess Black Australorp because they look tuxedo marked when young but, guess some other breeds do too. Not familiar with any Jersey Giants, just the Green Giant from the vegetable cans. Yes, I am dingy, ate 6 (count 'em) Magnum ice cream bars back to back and then two Fishers Tropical energy mix and a few Tums for the tummy. I never drink - dingy all by myself- no need too.

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