First Maran egg! Yay!

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    It's been awhile, since I hatched my own eggs and grew my own chickens. But last Fall I bought a bunch of eggs on Ebay, and managed to have 3 pullets left to keep after selling a couple. 2 maran, 1 Golden Lakenvelder.

    Yesterday, I was cleaning the coop and my Splash Maran started bawk-bawking and following me around. She hopped up into the nest box, and organized the bedding. Hopped down, wanted in the other side, so I opened the door and let her check out those boxes. Then she comes back, and I make a fuss over the bedding in "her" nest box and she goes back in there. I was SO excited! She's the friendliest bird I have, always hanging out and following me around. She's so cute.

    On and on and on it went! For HOURS. She never did squat, not like the other two who haven't started laying yet. I didn't think she was that close, and she just turned 6 months old.

    I gave up on hanging out with her, it was taking too long. A while later I heard egg song, at around 5pm, and I went out there to a teeny little dark brown egg! You'd think it was from a Bantam, and she's a BIG bird.

    The Golden squats a lot, like right in front of the door when I walk in, and I have to pick her up and move her to be able to walk in. She's a month older than the Marans. Yesterday she was checking out the nest box too but didn't lay anything. The Blue Maran is as clueless as ever.

    Man it takes a lot to get to this point! These were my 28 day babies, took FOREVER to hatch. Then the winter time brooding. All so I could have Spring eggs. Finally got one!
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