First mealworms and crickets at 2 weeks pictures


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I needed a little bit of excitement and I wanted to get the chickens used to foraging for bugs. In addition to bringing them a daily supply of crab grass seed, which is plentiful in my yard and was their favorite snack before today, I decided to go to Petco and buy some crickets and mealworms to see what they did. It started out slowly, then it was a total chick frenzy as they hunted the crickets or competed for space on top of the pile of mealworms. It was interesting to see my little Fayoumis, which is supposed to be a good forager, out do everyone in the bug eating contest. They're 2 1/2 weeks old.


See the fayoumis with the mahogany brown head eating them at a rate of about 1 every 2 seconds:

Still figuring out to do about those moving crickets:

First cricket, black chick on far left has it:

Getting excited after small EE on right just swallowed cricket:

That was the best $4.45 I ever spent!
OMGosh....Too Funny...I am making a pet store run today as I just found out on here today that it was OK for my 4 weekers to have them.

Great pics and descriptions.....Thanks....

That's cute...
We don't have babie chicks, but I bought some worms for our adult chickens just to see them run around like mad.
..It's a nice little start for them seeings how our winter is almost over....I HOPE!!! I thought it was suppose to be spring...
How cute! We did the same when our chicks were about 2 weeks; they went crazy! Now they find their own out in the yard, they LOVE to forage; but I'm afraid they aren't too adept at it just yet. They still have starter in the yard, but seem to prefer to scratch, and then eat like they are starving for starter crumbles when I put them back in their brooder at night. Silly birds.
Thanks for the pics!
I'm going to get some crickets and mealworms tonight and try this out with my chick! I need them anyways for my tarantulas. I've been lazy, and the spiders haven't eaten in almost 3 weeks, oops. I haven't been able to get mealworms because I don't need that many for the spiders, but now that I have chickies to share them with, I'm gonna do it!
Question, first photo, top right corner. What breed is the yellow chick? I have one that looks exactly like it that was a freebie and I am not 100% sure what it is. I assume Brahma or Cochin, but it isn't "built" like my other cochin chick. Mine is really cute, but I am worried it is a rooster.

I have always assumed she was a buff cochin and when I posted pics on the "What breed is this?" section, everyone agreed. The light brahma chick pictures look much different on the McMurray website, they are grey and pale yellow.

I was reading someone elses post the other day and I guess the red cochins look just like the buff cochins as chicks, so it could possibly be that, but McMurray doesn't have any red cochins listed, so my best guess is the buff cochin.

My free chick is the buff laced polish with the peach dye on his chin. He'll be going to my neighbor who wants a rooster

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