First Monday Trade Days In Canton Texas*


14 Years
Nov 11, 2008
Vicksburg, MS
Hey everyone my brother in law and sister live in texas. They started telling me about this market called First Monday trade days. Its in canton texas. I was just wondering if anyone on here has ever been, and if they have, what kinds of animals do they sale??

I go occasionally. They have just about anything that you could think
of there. I've seen everything from sugar gliders, chickens, dogs,
cats, horses, all the way up to donkeys. I even saw a llama there
They also usually carry all kinds of animal supplies there too.
But that is just the animal alley.
There are other parts that people bring out all their stuff and try to
sell, plus vendors for everything from rugs to electronics. I bought a
couple of very nice framed G. Harvey prints out there a few years ago.
There are also people who bring furniture and antiques out.
I live about 45 minutes away!
Yes there are goats, I can't think of much they don't sell. Dog Alley is where all the animals are. Make sure you quaranten any poultry. We go about 8 times a year.
Check on-line under Canton Trade Days for dates but generally it is the first weekend of the month after the first Monday of the month. Dont know if I worded that right. It is not on Monday, best time to go is Saturday because, though they are open on Friday, not many animal sellers are there until Saturday. There is a vet on site that you can pay to ck out your puppy before you leave, his regular office is in Gilmer. Don't touch the animals unless you use sanitizer afterwards, rumors are that there is lots of parvo around there. I would NOT personally buy any of the chickens there, have seen dead ones in the pen with live ones and they are all squished into too small of cages for transport. Most of the chickens I saw there look to be in pretty sad shape. Most puppies there come from puppy mills and are not any cheaper than those on Craig's List. That being said, I DID buy my puppy there but she was not a supposedly pure bread and not up in the area of Dog Alley that all the breeders stay in. She was in a booth that the family sales toys primarily and was the product of their family pet. I made sure I went really early so I could find one that hand't been handled much and had not been out in the heat long. She is healthy and thinks she is my baby.

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