First night home!


Mar 9, 2021
Today me and my mom picked up our new hens, im so so happy to have them! The sweet babies travelled 3 hours (we picked them up halfway) and were very well behaved in the car! (Besides Esther who jumped out of the crate and we had to stop to get her back in) When we got home they got some food, water, and grass; we also noticed after a minute one of them laid a egg WHILE they were in the car! A white slightly speckled egg, it was Esther's silly girl!

The local momma squirrel wasn't too happy and made some danger noises but calmed down after a bit. After a while of watching how the hens acted we let them roam a bit and they went right for the garden; They aerated the soil and got lots of worms! When it was time for them to go back in the coop/run they came in on their own when I moved their food over, I also later gave them some blueberries. They aren't used to the ladder to the nesting area of the coop yet so I had to help them up when it was getting dark.

I checked in on them a little bit ago looking through their coop window and I guess today tired them out as they were all fast asleep! Im very excited to hang out getting to know them more, good thing I'm on spring break so I can spend all day with them!​

Our new girls names (will get pictures tomorrow)
Hazel- Boven brown with bald spot on head
Chicken- Boven brown standard
Mandy- Boven brown looks like she has a necklace and less white on tail
Esther- Cali white


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