First night in the coop! AHHHH!


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8 Years
May 19, 2011
So i didnt sleep a wink last night. My four week old chicks slept in their coop for the first time last night. I had posted earlier that they were too big for their brooder and someone suggested putting them in the coop with no run access. So i did. I left their heat lamp on last night in there just to be safe, but we live in arizona so the low at night is 66ish.

i didnt go to sleep til 1 am. i kept going outside to check on them. then after i had been asleep for about 3 hours i woke up suddenly to the sound of a screeching cat.
my husband and i bolted out of the house! I ran to the coop at lightning speed (i set a world record im sure) only to find the chicks all snuggled together in a nesting box seemingly unaware of the feline nuisance.

Thats when i put the dog out for the rest of the night! Protect Zoe! Protect the chickens!!
The first night our turkeys spent in the coop, I thought my wife was going to drag her sleeping bag out there! Finally convinced her to give them some straw and they would be ok, she calmed down but still snuck out after dark and banked up the srtaw around them
"just in case they got cold" I swear these birds have her slightly broody!
We put our first couple in the tractor a couple of weeks ago, and we still go out every morning first thing to check on them. But they're happier out there. (What area of town are you in? We're airport area.)

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