First Night Out!

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    Mar 5, 2016
    Captain Cook, Hawaii
    So, after 4 weeks and 4 almost fully feathered chicks (all except their head feathers) we painstakingly made the decision to move the coop outside. Literally, move the coop. Being newbies, our initial brooder was just a small box and got to too small too quick. The outside coop we built was basically just nesting boxes so we bought supplies to make a coop and used it as our brooder for 3/4 weeks.

    We live in Hawaii at a high elevation so while it's always warm during the day it gets to the 50's at night. We never had proper heat lamps, only a regular lightbulb and the chicks did just fine. I would say that the house temperature range at any given moment could be 60-70°. Last night for the first time they slept in the coop. Winds were strong last night and it definitely got into the 50's. I was afraid for the chicks. The first time I checked on them they were chirping and huddled, but I think they were afraid of the new environment. I gave them a cardboard box with shredded paper to sleep in. At dawn I checked on them and they were as happy as can be! I opened their door and they fluttered around the coop pecking and playing. They did great and I am happy to have the brooder gone!

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