First night outside - worried about piling!


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Oct 11, 2020
I have eight eight-week-old chicks who are spending their first night outside in their coop tonight. Three are silkies, five are “regular” chickens. One of the silkies is pretty small, but all are fully feathered. Temps are in the low 50s. They’ve been outside all this week all day in temps down to 30 to get them acclimated and did great. We made the coop - it’s draft free and ventilated. I just peeked in the window and don’t see any of them, so they must all be in the three nesting boxes, which are each 12x12. Now I’m afraid they’re piled up in there and suffocating each other. Is that a rational fear? Should I go check? 😫
Remember that having good ventilation means warm air rises and leaves the coop taking moisture with it. It is critical in preventing frostbite. The goal should not be to heat the coop but rather to give the birds a dry, draft free space to be.

That said, checking on them is fine.
They’ll be fine!!! You’re just being an overly concerned mom - I get it! I also remember reading somewhere that silkies don’t always roost, that they prefer to sleep on the floor (don’t quote me on that though).
My two silkie bantam girls (5 months old) agree with you. The only time they roost is if someone puts them on it. Even then they don't stay up long. Much prefer to snuggle in a corner on the floor at the back of the coop.

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