First Night


In the Brooder
9 Years
Mar 19, 2010
Well, it appears all is well. We all survived the first night.
Sleep was a little rough, though. Every time I got up, "well, might as well go check on the chicks, I'm up anyway" lol......
LOL that is funny - I am a few weeks away from my "first night" but I know I will be the same way - Hoping the weather gets warmer here so I can get them out in the coop in the next week or two. The brooder in the living room is getting a bit messy these days with 22 gals in there.
22 chicks?! Wow..... I just got my 8 yesterday. I'm not ready to start even thinking about putting them outside yet, having them inside and being nervous about how they are doing is enough for me at the moment.
Way to make it through the first night! I know I am going to be a nervous wreck the first night after mine get here today or tomorrow.... they were shipped yesterday and I am nervous for their travels through the mail to get to me! I know how some boxes can look upon arrival, I hope they handle my chicks better than that!
we mde it threw our first night as well.. 25 meat kings in one brooder and 20 brown pullet chicks in another... the meat kings are much quiter than the browns


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