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    Aug 23, 2009
    Claremore, OK.
    Every morning I wake my pullets with the Oklahoma U. fight song, "Boomer Sooner". My thinking is that this will help to motivate them and will put them into an aggressive egg laying mood, bringing them together as one cohesive egg laying team.

    Well, yesterday we finally found success! #22 a 5'ish pound 13 inch tall fullback named Hilda laid her first egg. Much to my amazement she took the OU fight song seriously and produced a unique egg to show her team mates how it should be done. Of course it's not perfect, this is her first attempt after all, but through hard work and practice I expect that she will perfect her technique and will be producing much better eggs in the future. Here's a pic.

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    Wow! I'm gonna try for Beaver eggs!

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