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May 28, 2011
Hello BYC members!

My name is Chris and I am 23 years old from Mansfield OH. One day mom had a great idea to raise a few hens. Being a student of zoology and general lover of anything living I promptly agreed lol. A quick Google search later and I stumbled upon this site! Ive been lurking around for a couple weeks now and have learned a ton of useful info. My mom is getting 2 chicks from a lady she works with and I am tracking down a few eggs to hatch. I think it will be a pretty cool experiment for me and my little brother who is 6. Im looking forward to getting to know everyone and learning everything I can.

Happy Posting,
Thank you everyone for the warm welcome! I can tell this will turn into something "more" than just a hobby for me already lol. Ive been looking at so many pix and imaging coop designs haha I feel like I a kid in a candy store-I want some of every thing. My mom's not as computer-savy so she's not gotten the bug yet
we'll see how long she can resist...
I'm trying to get a couple wheaten/blue ameraucana eggs from pips and peeps and some of Patty Carson's (I forget her user name) barred OE's. I think were only going to keep 2 or so chicks so Ill have some to share!

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