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May 23, 2009
Here are our poults. They still fuss with each other as to which one is the boss, although this one seems to strut more often than the other one will.

The one with the Angel wing will fill out, then let it go. He/she doesn't hold the show off pose like it's partner.

I can't help but laugh at them, so small, yet so large in their own mind.



Just wanted to share.
They are soooo cute! How old are they? I have two white breasted (i think that's what they are called) I will have to get some pics of them as soon as i get them outside.
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We've had them three weeks to the day.

This is what they looked like when we brought them home from the feed store. I don't know how old they were, but the store had just gotten them in the day before.



I'd like to know approx. how old they are myself. How soon after they hatch are they sent out to market?
I'd like to know approx. how old they are myself. How soon after they hatch are they sent out to market?

If the feed store just got them in then that means they were shipped from a hatchery and are only 2-3 days old when they arrive.

If they are BB turkeys then they will make market weight by 14-18 weeks or so depending on feeding rates and type of feed.

Heritage turkeys will take 24-28 weeks depending on all the same feed rates and also with heritage some will never make a good weight in 24-28 weeks as the breeding is not right to make weights in that time frame.​
I believe they are Bronze Breasted, that would be the BB you noted?

They are eating game feed, 24 - 7 right now. We let them out to mow, weed and de-bug the lawn before and after work and on weekends when we can keep an eye out for the neighbor's cats.

As I said, they are pets, so, if they grow at such a fast rate, should I cut back on their food so they won't get too big too fast?

I want them to be able to carry themselves around our yard for as long as possible, and not have health issues related to their weight.


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