First sour crop and now blood in poop

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    Hi guys, I have a 4ish month old Cochin who has been suffering with sour crop for the last 4-5 days. After vomiting her three times, keeping her isolated so she doesn't gorge on feed, grass or anything else; giving good quality yogurt, and ACV... got us nowhere. Huge squishy crop, though he breath doesn't smell. I finally started her on Monistat. Being so small I gave her 1/4 dose about noon today. About an hour later I let her have about 1/6 of a scrambled egg. She finally did have a poop that seemed fairly normal though large, her first in two days. But she also let go with something resembling a teaspoon of bloody hamburger with a bit of uric acid in it. She has never stopped eating or drinking, nor does she seem lethargic. Quite the opposite. She wants to eat and is hopping around like a a normal girl. The crop is reduced this evening, but I'm not exactly allowing much to eat. I went ahead and gave another 1/4 monistat dose and some more egg an hour or so before bed.

    The blood is concerning as I have never seem that before. Any ideas? Should I start Corid in the middle of a sour crop treatment? The other Cochins at 5 months of age seem perfectly fine. No issues, though my 2.5 yr old Barred Rock hasn't laid in 6 days.
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    I had a cochin cross that had a swollen squishy crop. I fed her coconut oil and massaged her crop about 5 to 8 times a day. She threw up evwry time she drank. Didnt notice if she had bloody stool. But i fed her coconut oil globs a couple timesa day and little pieces of bread soaked in olive oil once and apple cider vinegar in the water and she came around. Be careful with vomiting them. Can hurt them unless they need it.she nevwr had bad breath eather. I hope this helps
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