First squat today!


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Jun 26, 2009
Could it be soon????
I have seen many people post about the hen squatting. I am still quite new at chickens and have 2- 4 month old hens.

What is this and what does it mean.
Sorry if it a dumb ?
I don't think it's a dumb question!!!!! It's my first year with chickens too, grew up in a big city....Here is what I know/read......Chickens will 'squat' when they get mature enough for mating. They will crouch (or whatever you want to call it) down and usually hold their wings a bit away from their body. They may start doing it when you approach hem (or a rooster does) and will often let you pet them. Is a sign that eggs should be coming soon when pullets do it. Laying hens will do it too. My chickens are 25/26 weeks old and have started laying recently (well, two of them I think) and all but one will do some form of the squat.....The one that has been laying for he past week and a half is doing the 'flat as a pancake' squat....she gets real low to the ground and looks flat and round from above....she also stays in place, just like a pancake
She lets me pet her for a while and stays close before she is ready to go out in the run or the yard. My EE does the 'hop'n'squat'...she'll squat halfways for a couple of seconds, runs a few steps, squats a bit again....Not keen on being petted but wants to be close to me as well....The third is only doing a bit of a squat (the 'I am not sure yet' squat) when I reach to pet her.....#1 (Louise) started out with the 'I am not sure squat and worked her way up to pancake since a couple of days before THE FIRST EGG....... So, after my looooong story....I don't know if mine are doing things by the book but these are my observations in my mini-flock.....Also, they become more vocal in the morning.....

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