First Thanksgiving Dinner

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  1. We don't have kids and we are staying home (just my husband and me) this Thanksgiving. I'm in my late 30s (can't say specific age on the forum) and I've never made a Thanksgiving dinner all by myself before (we usually go to my parents' house for the holidays and because of my husband's work schedule, we get there ON Thanksgiving and everything's already made).

    I'm excited about this, but nervous at the same time.

    So far we are planning on:

    a real turkey
    green bean casserole
    jellied cranberry sauce
    mashed potatoes
    pumpkin pie

    I was going to do sweet potatoes or candied yams but both my husband and myself can take or leave we decided against them.

    Is there anything else I should be making that I'm forgetting? I know everyone has different traditions - but I'm referring to classic Thanksgiving dishes. :)

    Thanks in advance for any help you can give this Thanksgiving newbie! The grocery store will close at 11am tomorrow morning so I have until then to add anything new. =)


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    Sep 27, 2012
    Happy thanksgiving!!
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    Lol..I think you can say your age if your an adult ..
    The age thing is for minors safety..:)
    Anyways..have fun tomorrow!
    I cant see anything that you're missing..maybe mashed butter nut squash? Rolls?
  4. Happy Thanksgiving also, and thank you for the replies thus far.

    the good news: the turkey is now thawed.

    the bad news: there's no bag and there are innards everywhere. I'm absolutely sick and I physically cannot do this kind of turkey I don't think. There is a neck still attached!! And, and when I opened the cavity to get the bag of yuck out - there was no bag! I was expecting an easy pull-out bag of guts but everything is still attached. I'm just sick.

    what the heck am I to do with all the guts and I don't even know how to remove them. I called my mom and she didn't know either. She put me on the phone with my brother in law (he grew up in an area where they butchered their own) and he said use kitchen shears, a flashlight and a sharp knife and just start removing stuff. GROSS!

    the grocery store closed an hour ago. [​IMG]
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  5. I DID IT!! I gutted a turkey all by myself!! Yes, I'm acting like a kid and no I don't care. It was a horrible experience and I will never do it again but I DID IT and it's in the oven now and already smells like turkey in the house.

    I guess when push comes to shove I'm a little stronger than I thought I was. I wanted my hubby to have a turkey for Thanksgiving and I couldn't bear to order I just did it.

    It's times like these I wish I hadn't broken my camera, and wish I could make a simple decision on which camera to get.

    We have beautiful baby chicks I want to share pictures of, a garbage full of turkey guts, a red eye affected by chicken poop and my hubby's stubbed toe looks dreadful. :) Would make a nice photo collage. hehe
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    I understand the icks and outs of that particular situation, not exactly an appetizing ordeal!
    But congratulations, I bet it'll be delicious! :weee
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    Wine -- I am very thankful for wine -- :)

    Butterball sells a boneless, skinless turkey breast already sealed up in a 'cook-it' bag -- you never have t touch a thing --- no 'ick' stuff of any kind --- worth the extra cost to me!

    I am vegetarian and my husband is always thrilled to have turkey and the dogs can't believe their good fortune --- they will be very 'thankful' this evening -- :)

    I do not approve of the way most of the commercial poultry growers raise and slaughter their birds -- I guess Butterball is no worse than the rest ---
    --- turkey once-a-year in this house ---

    Congrats on 'pulling it off' --- and now you can start planning the Christmas feast and New Year's meal --- "-)

  8. We're doing chili for Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinner is mainly being made by my mother. We are usually naughty on New Year's and eat the Velveeta with rotel and burger and tortilla chips. the most difficult meal I've ever made (still making it actually). I can't believe how hard it is to make everything done at the same time so everything is hot when everything has different cook times; don't think I want to do this by myself again anytime soon. I haven't a clue how my mother does it seemingly with ease for the last few decades. [​IMG] haha
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    Great job, you are doing!!! I would have no idea to do with everthing still attached.. Werid

    Everytime you do it, it will get easier I swear!! I'm no pro, by any means, but have found everytime it gets more like riding a bike!!

    And soon you'll enjoy doing it,

    Happy Thanksgiving, to you and your hubby!
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    I fix the cheese stuff like that too but, for a change I like to prepare the burger with a packet of taco seasoning using the instructions and just adding that for a little more "pep". also I'd call the store and the processor and gripe for them not processing the turkey right.

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