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  1. Okay, so I had a hen go broody for me about a week ago, so far I have just been stealing her eggs and giving her fake eggs...the ones under her werent I got some fertile eggs from a fellow BYC member and I put 6 of them under her and moved her to a brooder box. Shes going all colors of crazy in there...will she settle down? I feel like Im being mean. Is there anything else I need to know about brooding?

    Also, I put another one of my broodies on 9 ducks you think that will work?

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    Quote:Congrats on your first broody! I LOVE broody hens [​IMG]

    When you move a hen that chose a place to set, she usually doesn't like it. The best thing you can do is just leave her there in the spot she chose. Just cover the entrance with some Chicken wire or something so the other girls can't get in.

    The hen you gave the duck eggs to? She'll be fine! If she can cover them under her, its ok. Broody hens with good intentions can even hatch geese.
  3. the problem with her old nesting box is that I have many other hens in here and they push her out and lay more eggs..and then I just have to pick her up every night and pull the eggs out...and she sure does get mad...I figured this way I wouldnt need to move her anymore and she could brood in peace...she was constantly moving from one box to another and never on the same clutch of eggs. this is her first time being broody, she started laying about 2 months ago and boy oh boy is she one determined girl, she doesnt get up to eat or drink either..I have watched her to I started putting food in there for her (I would give her some food and a snack after I picked her up every night and frustrated the tar out of her lol)
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    Oh that is tricky. Do you have other places for your other hens to lay? Do you have another place for her away from the other hens very very similar to the one she is in? Usually she broodies dont like moving to new places and freak out and usually they stop brooding!!! That's why I never move a broody hen.

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    Do take her off the nest about once a day for a trip outside to poo. And stand back, broody poo is a biochemical hazard like no other [​IMG]
  6. shes still not setting on the long can they sit under there before they are no good? can I refridgerate the fertile eggs before incubating them or will that kill them? I seriously am SO new to this. My other broody is sitting on her duck eggs, I may switch a few of those out for some EE and Delawares, just so I can have a few of each. She is a tiny golden seabright bantam and boy does she try hard to cover all 9 eggs under there. Shes so poor wyandotte is ticked ticked ticked though. I am going to leave her alone for tonight and see if she sets on them by morning. Shes sure cranky though.
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    I made a box about 14"x 21" , put it on the floor of the main coop, facing the other nest box's, moved the eggs them tried to get her to stay in the box took a few min. But I just grapes her in there for about 5 min . I have not seen her out of the box since that time day 2 it's now day 21in 9 min. Would have chicks tom. And the other girls seem to leave her alone in there. I hope you get it worked out.

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