*First Time* Broody Hen


14 Years
Jun 1, 2008
Bunkerville, NV
Ok this is my first go around with broody hen. I have a few questions,
1) she is not the top hen on the hen pole and gets kicked off of her eggs so that the other hens who are above her on the pecking order will lay in her nest. She paiently waits and jumps back on when they are done. There are 6 hen boxes to lay in but the other hens want to lay in her spot which adds daily to her nest.

2) The nesting box she has choosen is at the top which is 3-4' feet off the ground. Should I keep her there? If i move her to a pen all to herself and i move her eggs will she still sit on them?
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If you want her to hatch some eggs - give her a private nest box with food and water - TV, a fan, a personal fitness trainer, some snacks on the hour....You gots to keep them happy right? Just kidding except about the private place to sit. Then the other girls won't force her off the nest or lay eggs on top of her or add to the clutch untimely - plus use a pencil and write the date on the eggs you want her to hatch so in the case of other chickens adding to the clutch you can control which are hatched and remove any other eggs. Good luck! We had fun and my Broody Dot liked frozen black berries best! Water melon. I did spoil her just a little,

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