First time broody, out away from coop. Do I move it?

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    Never had a broody before. LONG STORY SHORT, I am guessing she has a nest out in a wooded area behind our house that I will look for tomorrow.
    When I find it, should I move her and the nest into the coop and put it separate from the nesting boxes, like a dog cage and leave it open for her to come and go???? oR keep letting her stay out at night and hope she is ok????
    "If" there is a nest,I am guessing that she has been sitting on it for about 2 weeks. ((Maybe more)) will have to candle the eggs, "WHICH I HAVE NEVER DONE" so excited.

    LONG STORY.. We went on vacation October 23rd and the neighbors called to tell us that a hawk must have gotten one of our free range ladies because she didn't return to the coop that first night. ((So this may have started before we left)) I asked them to keep all my punkins locked up while we were gone until November 1st.
    November 2nd morning she showed up sqwaking and making a fuss and I felt so bad that she had been fending for herself for over a week.
    We just realized today that she has not been going to the co-op at night since we returned from vacation and one of my daughter's said today that she hasn't seen her all week but off and on. So I am guessing that she is sitting somewhere and is only returning to the coop to eat.
    We have a Randy rooster so she is fertal.
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    If you move the nest to the coop, the hen is unlikely to continue being broody and will abort her sitting. Having her outside however is a risk for the hen, and most certainly the chicks (whenever they arrive on the scene). You can however move the chicks to the coop (using a pet carrier, as you mentioned) the same day they are hatched. You can then leave the door of the pet carrier open so mum can come and go with the chicks.
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    It's possible to move her with her eggs, and she might do fine. Set up a large dog airline crate, or some such private area , in the coop if possible, and then go out after dark with a very small flashlight, and quietly move her and her eggs to the safe site. Have the food and water in the crate, and keep her in for a day or two at least. Otherwise, get her family in a safe place as soon as her babies are hatched out. Mary
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