first time broody question


11 Years
Sep 15, 2008
Milford Ct
Our silkie seems to have decided to sit oh her egg all day. Is this what all the broody talk is about? Our problem is that we are planning a family out of town vacation exactly 21 days from now. What would I have to do to make sure everyone is ok while we are gone? I can put food and water in her box and we have only one other hen and the silkie rooster living together. What will happen to chicks that hatch with other birds in the coop? If I take the eggs every day will she go outside? If she doesn't go what do I do?
Any real suggestions would be appreciated especially from you long time silkie experts. Noone else will watch them for me and the vacation is paid for so we are going.


12 Years
Aug 10, 2007
Redding, Ca.
I don't have silkies, but I have had broodies. It would be best if you could be around. Who is taking care of your chickens while you are gone on vacation?

Sitting on an egg doesn't mean she is broody. Puffing up like a beach ball with feathers and making noises at you when you get near may mean she is broody.

It is only my opinion but if you find that she is broody or going to be and you are not going to be home, I would not let her sit on the eggs. I would want to be around in case she or the chicks need something. The other hens or rooster may not act kindly toward the chicks so they probably should be separated.

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