First Time Broody.... Roosters or Hens??


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Wont let me rearrange so my paragraph is down below and the pictures are out of order.
Above pic is from last week at 3 weeks old
Hey guys! So my 5 year old barred rock decided to go broody and was relentless so we gave her 3 fertile easter egger/maybe ameraucauna eggs! Our first hatch! So eggciting! Anyways, 2/3 hatched and are doing great, will be 4 weeks old tomorrow. I was wondering if anyone had any insight on what their gender will be? The black one seems to have higher tail feathers but a smoother comb whereas the blonde one has smaller tail feathers but his? comb appears to have the ridges that I've seen googling. Thanks so much!!

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No obvious roos at this point.

Tail carriage is meaningless in mixed breed birds, especially at this age.

The best indicator is comb color and development.

Roos get a larger red comb early, pullets don't develop much comb or color until just before point of lay.

With mixed breeds, I find the roos tend to telecast a bit earlier with clear comb development by 4 to 6 weeks of age. Pea combs are more problematic as they are smaller combs with less development to watch, but usually the guys will have 3 rows of peas that color and fleshiness early while the girls have a main row of peas with 2 small side rows that stay very small and yellow until just before point of lay.

Right now, it's looking both'll know more by 10 weeks of age.

Congratulations on your broody hatch....oh...and you'll probably notice these grow faster, feather earlier, and mature earlier under a broody than a heat lamp especially since they are spring chicks maturing in lengthening day light.

Enjoy :D

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